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Akay420 video: last night, you were at the bar and whispered filthy things into a cute girl's ear. You wake up in the middle of the night, finding this girl straddling you. She tells you she is a succubus and she has looked into your deepest, darkest desires and has seen that you fantasize about tying women up and doing all sorts of degrading things to them. The succubus has also seen something else, though. She has seen that you secretly want to know what it feels like to be a woman.You think the succubus is here to grant all of your filthy wishes, but as soon as she gets you to consent to put on a magical collar, she reveals that she had something else planned. She wants revenge for all the women you've wronged. You start to transform into a woman, growing breasts and your penis shrinks and inverts, making a vagina. You're a beautiful woman now, but the succubus says that you'll wake up every night like this and she will drive you crazy with lust, but wont let you cum. Once your sanity is gone, she will whore you out to her incubi friends, who will do every dirty thing that you fantasized doing to women. the succubus masturbates until climax as she describes what will be done with you. She then leaves you hornier than you've ever been with no release.Good night. She'll be back tomorrow

Real name: Chris and Roxy
Age: 29
Birth Date: Jan. 3, 1988
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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