topless Anchew

Anchew video: i tell My slave to come to Me and light Me a cigarette, however today I will be caging him whilst I lie back and relax... I open the cage door then climb on top, lying down and taking long luxourious drags on My cigarette whilst My slave suffers beneath Me. I bring My cigarette down to the bars and command him to stick his tongue through them so he can swallow down every last bit of ash. His poor little bitch tongue blackens with every flick and I demand that he lick up any he misses whilst I lie back and blow long plumes of smoke and smoke rings into the air. Once I am finished I tell My slave to open wide as I feed him the butt through his cage bars, laughing as he struggles to swallow it for Me...

Real name: Anchew
Age: 22
Birth Date: Dec. 11, 1994
From: Trans
Gender: girl

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