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Anne_joey record dixie CometCadence is struggling in ropes and has managed to get herself free. She sees the soaked rag, that was used on her, sitting next to her...she grabs it and runs to hide beneath the staircase and wait for the bitch that knocked her out to return. Just as soon as Cadence goes to hide, she hears footsteps descended the staircase. Dixie, her captor, comes back to see just a bunch of rope and a ball gag sitting there and no Cadence. The all of a sudden Cadence sprints out from her hiding spot, grabs Dixie and adheres the cloth to her face. Dixie tries her hardest to struggle out of her grips but the rag is too strong and she goes limp. Cadence throws her down and begins undressing her captor out of her clothes...two can play at this game.Dixie is waking up and finds herself pretty tied up and on her knees on the floor. She looks up to see Cadence there wearing her strap-on harness. How could she have let this happen?! Cadence makes fun of her garbage bondage and belittles her criminal ways, which are really lacking. Cadence tries to shove the cock in Dixie's mouth but she wants to play the hard way-that is until Cadence suggests that she cut her tongue out if she doesn't suck her dick. Dixie hastily takes the cock in her mouth and Cadence makes sure that she shoves it down her throat and wrecks her by face fucking copious amounts of spit from her mouth. Cadence then gets Dixie up on her knees in doggy and cuts off her panties to get to her holes. Making that pussy hers, Cadence fucks Dixie with her own strap-on while Dixie curses her but can;t help but cum for her.Cadence takes Dixie's cut off panties and tries to shove them in her mouth to gag her but she will not open her mouth. On second thought, Cadence sits on her face and makes Dixie to stick her tongue out and eat her pussy. Dixie does as she is told and sticks her tongue out for Cadence to ride on until she explodes with an orgasm. She gets off, grabs the panties and catching Dixie off guard, shoves them in her mouth...keeping them in with a vet wrap cleave. Dixie is wiggling too much for Cadence's liking, she grabs a piece of rope and and puts Dixie into a hogtie, really wrenching her chest to her ankles. Cadence knows that Dixie has money to go pick up...the money they were actually supposed to share until Dixie got greedy and decided to double cross her. Cadence steals Dixie's clothes then leaves to go collect the money...leaving Dixie is a much worse situation than she had even planned for Cadence. Karma is a bitch

Real name: Anne and Joey
Age: 19
Birth Date: July 18, 1998
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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