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Busty_geek48 video: a guy is lying in his bed and watching television when a hot blonde walks in. She is wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt and asks him what he is watching. He tells her none of her business and tells her to leave his room. She refuses and starts annoying him, telling him his room is hot.She takes her sweatshirt off to reveal she has on a spandex leotard. She asks if he likes it, knowing he is checking her out, and he again tells her to leave. She then takes her sweatpants off reveling her short spandex shorts over her leotard. This is all he can take and he grabs her right away. The two start to make out and the annoying blonde starts to laugh, knowing she is going to get what she wants from him. After some more making out he throws her on the bed and starts to dry hump her in the missionary position and he cums almost instantly.She laughs and then mouths him in a riding position for some hot ass grinding. He tries to get her off but she grinds away and gets him to cum again in his pants for the second time. She then sits with her ass all the way back on him and does more ass grinding until he cums for a third time.She then acts like she is leaving and takes her shorts off. He again can't resist her ass and starts to do a lot of ass grabbing and groping of her body. He gets off the bed with her and starts to do more heavy kissing and making out with her. He finally pushes her on the bed on her tummy and mounts in behind her pumping away with some ass grinding until he cums in his pants for the fourth time.He then flips her on her back and does more dry humping as he cums for a fifth time. He tries to get her to leave multiple times, but she is having too much fun. Soon enough she is on top of him again for more ass grinding and he is cumming in his shorts for the sixth time. She again rears back and lets her ass cheeks fully engulfs his cock and she ass grinds a seventh cumload out of him. For good measure, she stays in the riding position and gets an eighth cumshot out of him.She laughs at him and sys she is ready to watch television. He again tells her to leave and she starts to stick her ass near his cock. He grabs her and starts to do some hard pump ass grinding in the spoon position. He has his ninth orgasm and by now has some cum soaked shorts. She again laughs an annoying laugh and finally leaves him alone, walking out knowing she can get a cumshot from him whenever she wants to thanks to her super sexy spandex leotard and ass grinding skills.Included in this clip: Ass Grinding, Leotard, Spandex, Dry humping, Orgasms, Cum in Shorts, Kissing, Making Out, Groping, Ass Grabbing, Annoying Blonde, Blondes

Real name: Samantha Dee
Age: 29
Birth Date: Oct. 23, 1987
From: Female
Gender: male

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