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Cowboy_angel video: this clip includes: mom/son, mom's feet ache from a long day of work, asks son to massage them, son has developed a secret foot fetish, foot sniffing, toe sucking, sole licking, sensual, erotic, extended foot worship scene**After a long day of work, my feet are aching. Hey son, you home? I holler at my sweet boy. He's always so eager to help me relax, and he doesn't mind giving me a nice foot massage.While he was pressing his fingers softly into my soles, I saw him secretly sniff them. Oh, did you develop a foot fetish? I asked him sweetly. Maybe, he replied shyly.He buried his nose back into my soles, and then placed his mouth over my painted toe. I admit, it took me by surprise, but it felt good--it was the ultimate pampering.Instead of having him stop, I let him explore his foot fetish. After all, I think I'm the one who created it in the first place

Real name: Cowboy
Age: 27
Birth Date: Dec. 13, 1989
From: Male
Gender: girl

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