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Devilswitch i had to run around my apartment complex this past week to pass out some fliers for a fundraiser we were holding for my cheerleading squad. As much team spirit as I have these girls have me stressed! They dont wanna do any work but they all want to go to states for FREE!? On whos dime, these girls have no decent work ethic at all! So Ive taken the liberty of making sure the turn out is PHENOMINAL at the BBQ on Saturday. Live music, pretty young girls in cheer leading outfits, good food, I mean what more could the rich old men in this neighborhood ask for?! .... Well, I know what they could want, my warm plump lips wrapped around their stick aging penis if were being honest! And guess what... Thats what their getting! I started with my up-stairs neighbor JD Coxx, I see him taking his trash out all the time, hes put on a few pound in the past few years but that more than fine, I like when they have a little extra for me! (;The second he invited me it was game on, Im not surehow I even managed to pitch the fundraiser to him!?, I was instaintly ready to shove his hard cock deep into my mouth, I mean I had alread knocked on dozens of doors before his, they just didnt look like theyd be any fun or maybe it was that I knew their wives wouldnt very much appreciate me pulling out their unused cocks to show them how to get a man to really do what you want! But I knew JD would be game! thats why I had to jump right to it, I waisted no time getting his pants around his ankles and his shaft balls deep in my mouth.Dont get me wrong, I know youre thinking the words exactly, what.. a.. whore.. (;But hey thats the Head Whore-Leaders job! And ill assume my possition any time for a nice hard cock like this one. I worked his head, then then base making sure every inch was dripping before I decided I wasnt leaving withoout filling myself with his creamy goodness first.But Ill post that later (: First you have to make a donation silly boy! Buy this security footage I came back and took while he wasnt home.... shhhhh itll be our secerte guys! he doesnt have to know, but Im sure you want to. Talk to you later guys, Ive got more fliers to pass out before the big funraiser! DONT FORGET TO DONATE

Real name: A.m.y.
Age: 25
Birth Date: July 29, 1992
From: Trans
Gender: girl

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