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Holly_amy if you’re truly a fan of mine, then you purchased the first version of this clip already. If you haven't then go buy it! This time my big beautiful brain conjured up a new way to play and advanced my vocal red light, green light clip by creating a spin the wheel for it that will now assist me in your jerk off instruction. You're going to jerk it to whatever the arrow falls on and just like regular red light, green light; you’re going to jerk it fast on green, slower on yellow and completely stop on RED. When arrow lands on Green you will stroke your pathetic excuse for a cock as fast as you can without shooting your load, remember you haven’t been given permission to cum just like last time. When I say Yellow Light you will slow your stroke to half the speed of Green Light and do so without shooting your load. Last reminder, when I say Red Light you will stop altogether and put your hands above your head. Let's see if you can pass the 9 minute challenge and get through to the end; without busting your scum semen all over yourself, I SERIOUSLY doubt loser

Real name: Amy
Age: 69
Birth Date: Jan. 31, 1948
From: Female
Gender: girl

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