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Indijinni cadence Lux & Dixie CometSex slave Dixie fucked up big this time, spilling wine on a guest at a dinner party. Now she is to be punished by Mistress Cadence. Mistress leads Dixie in by leash, with Dixie in full metal restraints, and is scolding her. Cadence sits her down and leaves her to grab some implements. When Mistress comes back, Dixie drops to her knees begging her not to punish her but Cadence just laughs at her and commands her strip down to her garter & stockings once Cadence has gotten her out of her restraints. Dixie does as she is told, embarrassed and covering her naked body. Mistress reminds Dixie that everything of Dixie's, including her tits, pussy and asshole, belong to Cadence. Dixie whimpers as she is told to get on her knees and kiss Mistress Cadence's heels. She makes her to lick and suck her heels like Dixie was giving a blowjob, all the while humiliating the sex slave. Dixie is then ordered to get over her Mistress's lap for 10 spanking on the ass, thanking her Mistress and asking for another.As soon as sex slave Dixie gets her 10 spankings, Cadence hands her a hitachi and orders her to masturbate. Dixie vibes herself and as she nears orgasm she begs her Mistress to cum but her mistress denies her. Dixie begs and finally is allowed to cum for her Mistress. Cadence now tells Dixie that her punishment is to be made to cum over and over again. Dixie begs for mercy but Cadence insists it must be done. She re chains Dixie in her restraints, this time lock boxing her wrists behind her back and adding in a tight crotch chain. Mistress Cadence grabs the hitachi and tapes it to Dixie's inner thigh and turns the thing on high. It vibes Dixie's clit through the crotch chain and Dixie begs her Mistress to cum. Cadence laughs at the loser slave as she sobs and orgasms again and again.*This was a custom video

Real name: Angela
Age: 21
Birth Date: Dec. 2, 1995
From: Couple
Gender: male

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