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Kittyobscene record my roommate Ela is lounging on the couch after a long, tiring day at work. i come home and can't help but notice her gorgeous feet with their beautiful, perfect pedicure. i've always wanted and longed to put those feet in my mouth, but i know she is straight, and i don't want to do anything to mess up our friendship. we chat for a moment and decide to watch a movie together, but Ela quickly falls into a nap. i try my hardest to resist, but i can't - i touch her toes with my toes and it sends shivers of desire through my entire body! she quickly comes out of her nap and i assure her she didn't miss any of the movie, and she goes right back to napping again. now i am very excited by her feet and feel my pussy getting very wet, so i pick her feet up and place them on my lap, before sliding my panties to the side so i can rub her toes right on my juicy pussy. this drives me crazy! she is aroused to consciousness again, so this time i just offer to give her a foot massage. i begin rubbing her feet, and she wants to rub mine as well. but i slowly begin putting her feet into my slit and mine into hers. she expresses reluctance but cannot resist when my toes feel so good rubbing on her cunt, while i put her toes in my wet mouth and suck on them. i rub my toes over her clit, back and forth and around until she cums all over my feet. we kiss and now, we are definitely more than roommates. . .we're friends with benefits!featuring Ela Darling

Real name: Kitty
Age: 20
Birth Date: Oct. 24, 1996
From: Female
Gender: girl

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