Samdavies14 toying from Chaturbate

Samdavies14 over the course of about 3 hours ive drank over 2 liters of water and almost 1 liter of apple juice, and Ive been holding in my pee since i woke up this morning. I got to the point where i was so desperate I knew I couldnt possibly hold it in anymore so I start up my camera. Watch me wiggle and squirm as i try to hold it in for the last few moments. I pee so much it soaks through my yoga pants and all the way to my feet as it creates a puddle around my feet. I even surprised myself and I think I may have even broken a personal record for how much i could pee! Once i am done i grab the camera and pan from the puddle on the floor all the way up to my stomach so you can see how wet i am

Real name: UKSTUDENT;)
Age: 22
Birth Date: Aug. 31, 1994
From: Male
Gender: girl

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