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Yhanais_secret39y video: i try to pay attention to every small detail of my son's life. I guess I tried everything to make him happy again, like he was as a little : I tried to convince him to go out, to go to parties where he can meet girls, to take them to the movies, to go to bars for beer, look for lonely girls.... But every time I get the same answer: that he's not in the mood, that he prefers to watch movies laying on the couch all day long and eating cheesy poofs, that he doesn't know how to approach a girl, and even worse, that he hasn't got the experience needed and because of that he will be rejected (he belives that girls have a smell for inexperienced men like him). I believe, however, that he's heading straight to a huge depression. I have to do something to raise his morale, to cheer him up. I am not a classical stuck-up mother, at all, and I am very proud of this. So I began to reflect what would make my son really happy. Considering the lack of sex in his life, I thought there must be a lot of masturbation, and it was a big surprise for me to hear that it happens once or twice a week. So I abandoned my (already nonexistent) principles :)) and started touching him, you know, erotically. He was very surprised, at first, but I guess he had his fantasies with me, because his cock became hard quickly. I didn't intend to scare him, so I was gentle and started with a little rubbing while I was telling him not to trip out, even if his Mommy was handling his cock. Success! When I put my lips on his cock he moaned pleasantly surprised, I hope, and I showed my little boy how much experience Mommy has. His cock was so hard, that it was a real pleasure to me to lick and suck that big magic wand :)) He trusted Mommy and I bet he felt wonderful, especially between Mommy's big tits! Even if he acted like he was seduced by me, I think he'd been having fantasies with me for a while now... I caught him multiple times staring at my boobs

Real name: yhanais_secret39y
Age: 35
Birth Date: Feb. 8, 1982
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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